Contact Information

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Contact Information

We can't stress enough that most crucial business detail is contact information— which is why it has its own section. Mills exclaims, "How many times do you visit a website and think 'how hard is to contact this company?" Have a number, email, address and a contact form easily accessible and visible," he says. It makes a difference because there's nothing more frustrating than being unable to get in touch with a needed business or service.

When you put an email address or a phone number on the site, don't upload this information as part of an image — the number or address should be able to be clicked on or copied right from the site in order to place the call or send an email conveniently and quickly. Most smartphones these days have the ability to do "click to call" on the web, so make the process as easy as possible for users.

Don't want your phone ringing off the hook? Just use an email address, but be sure you answer emails in a timely manner. And please, get an email address for your domain. Using Gmail — or worse, an AOL email address — isn't professional, and that's what you're striving to be. If you like Gmail's interface, you can use Google Apps to set up custom email addresses through Gmail — it's free for up to 10 email addresses.