Busted! Don't Believe These Myths Keeping Small Businesses Offline

By  Renee Elfassy |   | Posted in " Starting an Online business, Website Resources, webware updates, eCommerce Resources Marketing your online store "


Even though website technology, design, and marketing services have catapulted small businesses that have opted to go digital, into increased profitability or have provided varying degrees of success over the last couple of years, there are still several similar businesses that are shackled with misconceptions about whether it will work for them or not.

Some of these faux facts have been repeated so often, that they are almost beyond the reach of critical analysis. Though they are baseless, these canards have become the foundation of numerous debates and often result in small businesses ditching the idea of creating an online presence for themselves and reaching out to a wider target market.

If you’re a small business owner who has reason to believe, you should keep your business offline, we’re going to bust three myths that may change your mind.

MYTH 1: Going digital and staying there is expensive!

A common misconception is that it takes a lot of money and skills for a business to be successful on the internet. In reality, that theory is light years away from the truth. It’s even further away if you’re working on a Webware platform. Webware provides you with everything you would need to be successful at a fair price.

MYTH 2: Website changes require HTML code experience!

Chugging down coffee and the ability to dish out HTML code is no longer a prerequisite for making changes to your website requires. Website changes can be as easy as ‘A-B’C’ as Webware has an easy to use content management system, that allows anyone to easily make changes to colors, content, pages and more!

MYTH 3: Website content and eCommerce require separate platforms!

Whoever stated that you need a separate website for content and another platform for eCommerce, has never been more wrong. The policy of divide and rule may get you a little mileage, but if you really want to conquer the market, you need to unite all your resources. At Webware, we do just that! By throwing in our blog platform as well, you get something that normally takes three platforms to do, all under one roof.

In addition, one larger site trumps two or three separate sites and gets you way more SEO juice. “One website to rule them all” … if you may.

Myth 4: SEO takes thousands of dollars to get you to page one.

This statement is a million miles from the truth and is absolutely untrue. However, Webware can get you there without you having to spend thousands of dollars. Improving your ranking is all about showing a consistent effort across multiple channels including keeping your website up to date, creating new content, getting good reviews and having others talk about you.

Myth 5: You can do it on your own

Propelling your business onto the internet is not something you can do through a DIY handbook. The side hustle that you see being promoted by Shopify, Square Space, Go Daddy, Wix and others, is that you can become an online millionaire for fifty bucks a month. Well unfortunately, if it were that easy we would all be rich! Facts are you need to wear multiple hats and it’s highly unlikely you posses all the skills it takes to build a successful online business. You need to be a writer, a designer, a tester, a user experience expert, a marketer, a customer support agent, an order manager, know stock quantities, tax, payments and much more! Can you really do it all on your own? Or is it going to take a team?

The web is always growing and changing to suit, and even to shape, the needs of consumers. Their tastes and online habits can change quickly. If you’re looking for an innovative and outstanding, yet simple to use web platform, www.bondiwebsolutions.com has all the ingredients to thrust your business into the digital spotlight. For a complete list of services, click our link. If you have any questions about Webware, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today.